Star in Your Own TV Show (or: Why You Need a YouTube Channel)
Written by Chris Anastasio on January 16, 2021
Unlike Facebook and Instagram, where setting up an account is fairly straightforward and considered a standard for doing real estate business these days, a YouTube channel brings a degree of cachet and significance to you as an agent. A clean, crisp, professionally executed and optimized YT channel elevates an agent’s perceived and real value. It’s the online equivalent of having – and being the star in – your own television show.
Let’s step back for a second.

There’s no disputing that all forms of business are moving their center of gravity to the digital environment, and specifically, to social media. It’s a trend that has evolved into a fact of life for businesses – go digital or die. This fact has been validated and emphasized even more so in the current age of the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses that cannot connect online cannot survive.
YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, only behind Google itself. Google owns YouTube, and the two entities work in concert with each other. Gain a foothold on one and you’ve gained a foothold on the other. Google searches regularly yield the top-ranking YouTube videos for that search topic, both under the All search category (usually about halfway down) and exclusively under the Videos search category.

Consider some of these mind-blowing metrics on YouTube usage:

• 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched every day
• 400 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded every minute of the day
• 94% of Americans aged 18-44 accessed YouTube at least once a month
• 62% of businesses report using YT as a channel to post video content

Real estate has increasingly moved into the digital environment as an industry. Sites like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor are some of the most popular for home buyers and sellers to do property research, browse listings and view photos and video walk-throughs of their dream home, vacation home, or other acquisition. Contracts and other documents are now routinely signed on platforms like Docusign and Dotloop. Whole businesses have sprung up online around real estate, like Houzz and Angie’s List.

What’s more, the digital shift is threatening to reduce the perceived value of having a human – agent/Realtor or broker – in the loop. FSBO sellers can list their house on certain websites and cut out agents and Realtors altogether. Sites like Redfin have created an attractive alternative to enlisting a local agent to assist home buyers and sellers.

Traditional agents and brokers MUST find ways to differentiate themselves and bring real value to their clients and prospects. This is where your YouTube channel comes in. It’s your opportunity to showcase your personality and cultivate the following three factors to winning over a prospect, Know-Like-Trust:

• Know – the prospect needs to know you exist; they need to be able to locate you amongst all the competition
• Like – a prospect must then gain an affinity for you as they ask themselves “is this a person I’d enjoy working with?”
• Trust – lastly, and most importantly, the prospect has to trust you with one of the most important financial transactions of their lives, perhaps THE most

Your channel affords you an outlet to produce video content, proven to be the most effective type of content online, for things like:

• Market updates and forecasts – you can deliver local real estate news and trends in a more entertaining and engaging format than just a textual article
• Listing walk-throughs – showcase your listings with video walk-throughs and narrate as you go, a far more appealing alternative to a static listing on a website
• Tips and insights – discuss various aspects of the home buying and selling process that showcase your knowledge and grasp of the industry, market and processes
• Tour your city – go on a driving/walking tour of your local city or town and use it to attract buyers from outside the immediate area

The bottom line is this: most agents and brokers have failed to recognize the power and value of establishing a presence on YouTube. And for those who have, most of these channels are done haphazardly and with little regard to professionalizing and optimizing the channel for the best results.

At Cashflow Positive Marketing, we take pride in knowing that we have a deep understanding of the parameters that make a YouTube channel and its content appealing and optimized for the YouTube search algorithm. We can guide you in building a channel that improves your professional reputation, ranks high in the search engines, and generates an additional stream of potential leads and prospects for your real estate business.

Contact us today for a free consultation on how to get started building and optimizing your YouTube channel.

Chris Anastasio

Chris Anastasio holds a deep passion for small business entrepreneurship, and has cultivated an interest in both real estate (as an investor) and digital marketing (as a business). He has a unique ability to bring both of these worlds together and assist real estate agents and brokers with their client acquisition needs.
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