Facebook Is Your Cornerstone
Written by Chris Anastasio on January 15, 2021
Consider Facebook as the cornerstone of your social media presence. It’s the one platform you cannot do without. Put another way – if you could only have one social media platform account, it should be Facebook.
Facebook boasts the highest number of active users on all social media apps – 2.7 billion to be exact. Yes, you read that right – about a third of the world’s population. Now, that’s not to say you’ll be marketing your real estate services to all of those individuals, but it does speak to the pervasiveness and density of connections you can make on this platform.

Of course, you probably already have a Facebook account, in which case you’re off to a good start. You may not have a Facebook business page, however. If not, you need to set one up right away – some advantages of having one include brand awareness, since the page will be focused on your business specifically; ability to post a link back to your website, potentially increasing that traffic flow; and being able to conduct targeted advertising campaigns.

So, what can you do with Facebook to help build your real estate practice form a posting standpoint? Here are just a few ideas on the types of organic posts you should be putting up on your Facebook page:

• Coming soon – show off some hot properties that are about to hit the market
• New listings – advertise that new listing you just dropped onto the MLS
• Open houses – drive traffic to your upcoming open houses
• Sold properties – showcase the great deals you did for your current clients
• Investments – take challenging properties and recast them as investment opportunities
• New developments – be one of the first agents to drum up business for anew development in your area
• Local market news – show off your dedication to your craft and how you’re on top of the latest trends and statistics in your market

Facebook affords a great opportunity to humanize your agency business by putting up various types of lifestyle posts. These include:

• Open houses
• Doing showings
• Staging a property
• Touring the property
• At brokerage meetings
• Collaborating with other agents
• Speaking at events

When you personalize your posts, make sure you’re including YOU. Sharing your hobbies, interests, photos of your family or friends, holidays and vacations is a great way to get visitors to your page to know, like and trust you over time.

Also, make sure you’re including video content on your Facebook page. It’s the best performing content type on this platform, and it creates so many opportunities for you to repurpose the content. Consider the fact that a video that you post to your Facebook page can also become the following:

• Facebook Story
• Instagram (IG) post (first minute will play, then link to IGTV)
• IGTV post (up to 10 minutes will play)
• IG Story
• YouTube video

Your videos can focus on things like market updates (in-depth), top things buyers and sellers should know before going into their next transaction, information about your city, interviews with local businesses, or coverage of local events where you can show pride in your city.

If you prefer not to have to manage this all on your own, or if you just have a question about best practices, drop us a line here at info@cflowpositivemarketing.com and we can assist with all your Facebook needs.

Chris Anastasio

Chris Anastasio holds a deep passion for small business entrepreneurship, and has cultivated an interest in both real estate (as an investor) and digital marketing (as a business).  He has a unique ability to bring both of these worlds together and assist real estate agents and brokers with their client acquisition needs.
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